No to touristville

by MTOPP: Movement to Protect the People

They tried ignoring us. They tried misleading us. They even screamed "Shut Up" to a packed auditorium.

We won't let CB9 ignore old business from the last meeting.

Call Community Board 9 during the week between 9 AM and 5 PM and demand a speaking slot at their October 28 meeting! The agenda item is old business.

This is going to be neat...

Press “Allow” at the top of the screen so we can use your microphone and kick off the phone call.

Hang Up

Don't know what to say?

Please include the following in your message:

"I am calling to demand a speaking slot at the October 28 Community Board meeting. I would like to speak on the agenda item of old business." == REMEMBER == + Give your full name and the length of time you've lived in the community. + Speak with a person. Leaving a message is not enough!

Hang Up
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