No to touristville

by MTOPP: Movement to Protect the People

Eric Adams is the new Brooklyn Borough President. He wants to rezone Empire Boulevard into a new residential community just steps from Prospect Park.

Call Eric Adams and tell him that we like our neighborhood the way it is!

Our Fight

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens is the last affordable neighborhood surrounding Prospect Park.

Residential development along Empire Boulevard would:

  • Displace hardworking families as prices rise and demand for additional housing grows
  • Increase congestion on streets, sidewalks, buses, and subways
  • Strain our aging infrastructure by adding thousands of new water, sewer, electricity, and gas customers
  • Raise taxes on middle-class homeowners already struggling to get by
  • Cheapen Prospect Park by transforming it from an oasis into a tourist trap

Stand with MTOPP to save our neighborhood!

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Hang Up

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Please include the following in your message:

I oppose residential development on Empire Boulevard, and I vote!

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